The town of Szentes is situated in the southern part of Hungary, in Csongrád County, between the Tisza and the Hármas-Körös rivers, on both sides of the Kurca River, which runs through the town. The third most populous town in Csongrád county. In addition to the waters of the Kurca and the Tisza, the city has a sea of thermal water and 32 wells. The natural beauty of the Tisza and Körös rivers, with their rich flora and fauna, also contribute greatly to Szentes’ unique natural assets. Szentes has also boasted the title of national sports city since 1996. Szentes is also very active in the field of culture, with a cultural event almost every day in summer.You can reach Szentes and its region by road from Kecskemét on the M5 and 5, then on the 451, from Gyula on the Békéscsaba-Orosháza-Nagymágocs-Szentes route, from Nagyvárad on the Biharkeresztes-Berettyóújfalu-Mezőberény-Gyomaendrőd-Szarvas, from Szolnok on the 441 and 442 routes, from Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely on the 45 main road. Accessible by rail from all directions.

There are many ways for our guests to relax on the beach, both actively and passively. For those who prefer tranquillity, there are thermal pools, saunas and whirlpools, and for those who like sports, there are sports pools and slides.

The Kossuth Square is the main square of Szentes, its public buildings decorate the town. Kossuth tér is the most characteristic building of the town. On the corner of Petőfi Sándor Street stands the Art Nouveau-style Petőfi Hotel, now a theatre and café.

The Szentes area is the largest geothermal deposit in Hungary and the densest in Europe. It has a rich thermal water supply. In the town there are 32 thermal wells with temperatures between 85 and 90 degrees Celsius. The thermal waters are alkaline bicarbonate mineral waters with a high fluoride ion and metacaric acid content, which are excellent for the treatment of various musculoskeletal, rheumatic and chronic gynaecological diseases.

Szentes is a real fishing paradise. The unique fish stocks of the Tisza, Körös, Kórógy, Veker and Kurca rivers await fishing enthusiasts. There are also many fishing lakes in Szentes and the region. The most common fish species are carp, perch, catfish and pike.

Hunting is also a popular recreational activity, for which Szentes and its surroundings have unrivalled natural resources. The main game is deer, rabbit, fox, wild boar, pheasant and wild duck. The game population in the area is outstanding.

  • Gergo Oláh concert
  • 11/25/2023-19:0
  • 11/25/2023-19:45
  • Kossuth square, Szentes
  • Gergő Oláh (born 26 November 1988, Salgótarján) is a Hungarian singer and countertenor of Romani descent, most notable for winning the third season of X-Faktor[1] and for participating in A Dal.
  • Hungarian: Oláh Gergő akusztik koncert
  • 0
  • Brass On The Road concert
  • 11/26/2023-15:0
  • 11/26/2023-16:0
  • Kossuth Square, Szentes
  • Brass On the Road was formed in March 2012 by 12 amateur musicians. In addition to 9 wind instruments, there is also 1 solo guitar, 1 bass guitar and a drum.The band's original arrangements include well-known tunes from the 60s and 70s, film scores, jazz standards and 21st century hits.
  • Hungarian Kossuth tér, Szentes Brass On The Road koncert
  • 0
  • József Bozsó: Matthias and the Fool King
  • 11/28/2023-14:0
  • 11/28/2023-15:0
  • Szentes, Tóth József theater
  • King Matthias, famous far and wide for his justice, has a problem with his court jester, Mujko, who is telling the whole royal palace how good a king he would make. Mátyás thinks of one thing: one day, as a joke, he makes the fool king, who messes up everything with his "wise" decisions and almost drives Hungary into war with Burkus. But of course, as the tale requires, all turns out well in the end, everyone gets their reward or their punishment; the lovers become each other's; and everyone lives happily ever after.
  • Hungarian: Bozsó József: Mátyás és a bolondkirály előadja Békéscsabai Jókai Színház
  • 0
  • Kata Csondor concert
  • 12/2/2023-19:0
  • 12/2/2023-19:30
  • Kossuth square, Szentes
  • Kata Csondor was born in Budapest. She started ballet at the age of five, then studied step dancing and acrobatics at Ullmann's True Lucy dance school. Her later master was dance artist Gábor Bakó, from whom she also learned modern dance. From the age of 9, she performed at the Napsugár Children's Theatre, founded by Lívia Lakner. At the age of 10, she starred in the film The Sunshine Girl. He was 11 when he started dubbing.
  • Hungarian: Csondor Kata koncert
  • 0
  • Folk dance gala - Folk dance association for our future
  • 12/2/2023-20:0
  • 12/2/2023-21:0
  • Szentes, Tóth József theater
  • The School of Basic Arts for Our Future, has been working with children and young people interested in dance, visual arts and drama since 1999, at its headquarters and 15 locations in Csongrád and Bács-Kiskun County.
  • Hungarian: Néptánc gála - Jövőnkért Néptáncegyesület
  • 0
  • Bogi Nagy live concert
  • 12/9/2023-19:0
  • 12/9/2023-19:45
  • Kossuth square, Szentes
  • Boglárka Nagy singer, 2002. was born on 22 April in Balmazújváros.
  • Hungarian: Nagy Bogi ÉLŐ koncert
  • 0
  • Csaba Vastag live concert
  • 12/16/2023-19:0
  • 12/16/2023-20:0
  • Kossuth square, Szentes
  • Csaba Vastag Fonogram Award-winning Hungarian singer.
  • Hungarian: Vastag Csaba ÉLŐ koncert
  • 0
  • Advent show by Szilard Nagy
  • 12/23/2023-19:0
  • 12/23/2023-20:0
  • Kossuth square, Szentes
  • Gold- and Platinum-medal-winning performer, singer-songwriter.
  • Hungarian: NagySzilárd koncert
  • 0

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